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=Current projects=
=Current projects=

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Current projects

OpenSim Web Interface (Redux) - This is a PHP Web Interface for OpenSim (Open Simulator Project), it allows grid citizens to create User Accounts to access the grid. Grid Owners can also manage all users for the grid. Very light CMS system included. - Should be useable on live grid.

WiXTD - PHP OpenSimulator-interface, combined with python xmlrpc-daemon for service-control. The project is actively being developed, and focussed on being an easy to use adminstration tool, and a community portal for grid-users.

Basic API

I suggest we create a new API, that's clean and structured. It should be nothing more than a php class-library that can perform the most basic database functions. Functions to think about are:

  • Show Userinfo
  • Create User
  • Remove User
  • Show Regions
  • Max Region-revision cache (blobsize get too big otherwise)

Proposals for Advanced Web Interface

Follow-on versions of the API should have advanced user management functions like:

  • Require Login on/off
  • Grant User Rights (build, fly, run script, teleport, etc.)
  • Create Group / Remove
  • Add User to Group / Remove
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