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Web Statistics Module provides region statistics information. The data is provided as AJAX html page which can be embedded to web site. The page is accessing the data over JSON interface.


Enabling Web Statistics

Edit OpenSim.exe.ini:


Accessing Web Statistics

You can form url for region web statistics as follows:


Live Demo

A live demo of the statistics module can be viewed here for OSGrid Wright Plaza: http://osgrid02.sytes.net:9101/SStats/

Feature Requests

  • XMLRPC access
  • Public JSON API for accessing counters.
  • Diagnostics counters:
    • Dead and stalled threads.
    • Number of exceptions since last startup.
  • Uptime counter.
  • Region build version.
  • Number of unique visitors during last hour.
  • Number of unique visitors during last 24 hours.
  • Grid based policy framework for setting it up.
  • Information on scripts running on region
    • Ability to suspend/restart/blacklist
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