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Improved rendering of the OpenSim.ini map tiles is possible by using "Warp3DImageModule" for the MapImageModule for any region server. The Warp3dRender engine is included in the standard OpenSim build (from version 0.7.1).

Include in OpenSim.ini [Startup] section:
MapImageModule = Warp3DImageModule
TextureOnMapTile = true
DrawPrimOnMapTile = true

Then use requests of this form for each of your regions...


Get the region UUID for each region you want to get the map tile for... then use the Opensim.exe running host name and port you are using for that (usually the port for the first region in that instance). Note its NOT the Robust port if you are using a grid, its the region server port. Then add the UUID directly with all hyphens removed won the end of the URL root.

An example served live fro the Openvue Grid is http://virtual.aiai.ed.ac.uk:9000/index.php?method=regionImage9c8b6f8f81784a6992dc9feba4646e6b

And a combinatio to show qa grid map is at http://virtual.aiai.ed.ac.uk:8002/resources/map.html

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