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Completed Offline im module
Tested on win7 64bit
Robust Last OSgrid Version
Hi World Sar.  Please could you carefully merge the changes in [[Group]] into the existing wiki page [[Enabling Groups]]?  In particular, it looks like you're talking about some 3rd party service.  It must be clear that these are not part of core OpenSimulator.  Thanks. -- [[User:Justincc|Justincc]] 10:52, 7 December 2011 (PST)
Hi Justincc
In a near future i Edit this 3 page in one
i chenge the page
i just wona create a link from this site to
the result was a default page...
:: Hi World Sar.  As this is a wiki, you can easily revert changes by going back in the history.  I suggest you read up on Mediawiki and wikis in general.
:: I also took the opportunity to tidy up the [[Groups]] page to have it make more sense.  From looking at [[Group]], this appears to be XMLRpcGroups specific information.  To be honest, I think that this stuff is better off on a separate page anyway, and the XmlRpc parts of [[Groups]] could be merged into there.  However, please ask me for a review before deleting anything from [[Groups]].  Your English is quite poor -- [[User:Justincc|Justincc]] 17:03, 16 December 2011 (PST)
[rebuild group page]

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