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'''Talk to World Star'''<br>
'''Talk to World Star'''<br>
= Kinect (03.02.2012) =
Playing Kinect is a really great experience. <br>
Browsing the web, you can find many cool hacks<br>
which allow Kinect be used by a PC, <br>
we access to Kinect's cameras (color and depth), LED, accelerometer and motor. <br>
Obtaining both the raw and the depth image, <br>
it is easier to build Machine Vision applications.<br>
This means that we can now have access to features such as real-time skeleton tracking,<br>
gesture recognition, wave detection and much more!<br>
I have been experimenting with the Xbox Kinect, the results are pretty encouraging!<br>
OSgrid Kinect Group<br>
= Get Started =<br>

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Talk to World Star

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