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Hey Mark, i think it was a good idea to put the "Template:Quicklinks" in all the pages, what do you think? Ideia Boa

Ideia Boa,

I like the idea of the Quicklinks navigation, and I do plan on adding the Quicklinks navigation, but I need to update the Quicklinks icons first. Also I don't want to clutter up the pages too much, the current icons are pretty big. So I'm thinking about creating a completely new navigation template with smaller icons (or possible rollover/drop down menu), that can be displayed on each and every page. (This is on my "To Do" list). But for now, I'm going to continue with the "turtle Tracks" just some type of navigation for now.

Once I finish the new Navigation template, then I'll go back and add the Quicklinks to all the pages, after I get a new Quicklinks template created, and have all the proper icons created (in a much smaller size, or possibly use a drop down/roll over navigation bar). Mark Malewski

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