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Well I do think lyers should be severely punished, I was just trying to avoid that, so it's noted =) [[User:Simcore]], 27 December 2008 (UTC)
:What on earth are you talking about? --[[User:DaveCoyle|DaveCoyle]] 00:41, 27 December 2008 (UTC)
== The 19 edits by users in the last 9 days ==
Simcore, a number of people are puzzled why you continue to disregard the format of the top table in this page and instead keep reverting corrections.  The only acceptable values for the "Approx # Regions", "Approx # Users", and "Unique last 30days" fields are positive integers, not text like "Learn how to join your standalone sim!".  Rather than continuing the revert wars, could you explain here on the Talk page why you feel "Learn how to join your standalone sim!" is an acceptable value for a column titled "Approx # Regions"?  Otherwise people will continue to revert your changes and this will continue forever.  Thanks.  --[[User:DaveCoyle|DaveCoyle]] 04:57, 26 December 2008 (UTC)
:Edited to add: I don't believe anyone is objecting to your inclusion of your grid in the list, it's the manner in which you're listing it (i.e. disregarding page layout) that people object to.  --[[User:DaveCoyle|DaveCoyle]] 05:00, 26 December 2008 (UTC)
Thanks for moving the discussion to the right place. I wrote in several comments and in an additional email to simcore that his gird list entry has to conform to the same rules and standards every other grid list entry does. As long as it does not it is considered as spam and will therefore be kept removed. If a moderator wants to jump in and perform the basic formal gridlist maintenance I would be very happy as I get a bit tired of this annoying grid list spamming attacks by simcore. '''BTW: Simcore continues to change other grids list positions, that is not acceptable at all.''' --[[User:TalentRaspel|TalentRaspel]]
I suggest banning the user simcore due to continued and destructive behaviour !!! At least he does not react at all to any tries to keep the grid list in standard shape and starts destroying the list. -- [[User:TalentRaspel|TalentRaspel]]

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