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Initial Setup

  • Download - Download instructions
  • Dependencies - The other packages you need to install that OpenSim relies upon
  • Build Instructions - How to build and compile OpenSim from Source
  • Configuration - How to configure your OpenSim server up and running
  • Upgrading - How to upgrade your OpenSim version so that you can use your existing data
  • Hypergrid - Information about how to configure the experimental hypergrid architecture
  • Connecting - How to connect a compatible viewer to OpenSim
  • Troubleshooting - How to trouble shoot your OpenSim installation.
  • Tips - Useful tips from users like you
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Administrator Guide


  • OpenSim Archives - Loading and saving whole region archives with OpenSim
  • IRCBridgeModule - A core OpenSim module for integrating IRC with a simulator.
  • ModRex - How to setup the RealXtend server module



How to make custom terrains

Gforge Projects

Blogs about OpenSim

Contribution Policy


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