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Getting online

There are several public grids and several standalone arrays running 24/7. For the casual user as well as those who want to run their own public regions, there is a list of available sims at OpenSim: Grids. Most of these grids have representation on the #opensim chat channel for asking and answering questions.

While OpenSim is not affiliated with any one grid there are many prominent Grids.

Mailing Lists

Various mailing lists are available for communication between users and developers. A list is available to subscribe to email SVN commit notifications.

More Information

  • Features - Key features of the OpenSim platform.
  • Installation - How to get and install the simulator software.
  • Configuration - How to configure the simulator for various modes.
  • Viewer Reference - How to connect with a Second Life Viewer
  • Server Manual - Describes how to control the OpenSim server
  • Scripting - OSSL and LSL scripting reference
  • Tweaking - General tips to tweak your OpenSim
  • Inworld Data - How to create custom libraries, free assets, scripts, etc.
  • Troubleshooting - How to trouble shoot your OpenSim installation.
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions.
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