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Magi Merlin - The Apprentice

I am considering forming a test team and have a couple of other users who want to get involved if anyone is interested let me know.

Also interested in looking at doing some work to flesh out SimpleApp and maybe some new sample applications once scripting is functional.

Feel free to drop by my sim, "MagiLand", for a chat:
(one of them should be up if I am around.)

FirstName: OpenMV
LastName: Visitor
Password: Visitor2


Progress has been great, getting read to move my sims onto a hosted box in a real live mega data centre - stay tuned...

14-Aug-2007: Finally got prims and multi-sims working - Many thanks to the FAQFolk

10-Aug-2007: Had a couple of visitors in the sim today, Pearl and Kebab Masala dropped by to say "Hi!". It's nice to see that even mac users can work out how to get to my little Virtual World.

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