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soup /opensim/ KMeist Hax, part time opensim developer and /b/tard here. Makes region modules and doesn't afraid of anything.



I am currently responsible for the following projects:

Contact info

If I accidentally broke your sims with my code, you have a feature request, or just want to talk, you can contact me via the following ways:


  • Freenode IRC - kmeisthax / kmeisthax_afk has been known to lurk #opensim and #opensim-dev from time to time.
Please private-message any questions as I often have the IRC window on my secondary machine and I might miss chat lines.
  • AIM - lotsostuff1 - I've had this username since my underage b& days!
  • MSN - km767 YOUKNOWWHATGOESHERE hotmail EARTHBOUND com - Replace "YOUKNOWWHATGOESHERE" with that little A in a circle symbol. Replace "EARTHBOUND" with a dot.
  • (in korea, only old people use) E-mail - dcrkid YOUKNOWWHATGOESHERE yahoo EARTHBOUND com - Same as the MSN account, let's hope the spambots don't just grab stuff with yahoo in it nowadays.

GAMES (and things that pretend to not be games)

  • Linden Lab's grid - username KMeist Hax.
  • OSGrid - Again, KMeist Hax.
  • Steam - I know it's against RMS's wishes to play proprietary games, but Little Strawberry just can't get enough Team Fortress 2.


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