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== ToDo  ==
== ToDo  ==
The following will use '''[[OSSL Implemented]]''' as a starting point
:*<strike>Check all OSSL functions for example scripts. If no example, add to </strike><strike>[[:Category:OSSL functions without example]]</strike> -- '''Done'''.
:*<strike>Check all OSSL functions for threat level. If no thread level, add to [[:Category:OSSL functions without threat level]]</strike> -- '''Done'''
:*<strike>Check all OSSL functions for function syntax. If no usage key, add to [[:Category:OSSL functions without function syntax]]</strike> -- '''Done'''
:*<s>Correct as many of these articles as possible.</s> -- '''Done'''
:*<s>Check all OSSL functions for uniformity.</s> -- '''Done'''
:*<s>Make [[Template:Osslfunc|a nice looking page template]], to be used on OSSL function pages, and apply this template to all OSSL functions.</s> -- '''Done'''
:*<s>If no comments/notes/info/documentation, then add to [[:Category:OSSL_functions_without_notes]]</s> -- '''Done'''
:*Make [[Template:Osslfunc]] a little fancier. Threat level should have a different background color for each level. (currently text color changes, but is not obvious enough) If threat level is an unknown string, have it show the available valid options. (Might need an additional Threat Level template to diminish complexity of <nowiki>{{osslfunc}}</nowiki>)
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=== OSSL Function Template ===
*Much simpler page source, making it easier to maintain, and/or make additions.
*'''''All''''' pages that are based on this template will be updated in one fell swoop at the moment the template is updated. This is very useful when more fields are required in the OSSL function pages, or if the design should be changed.
*Using this template also ensures that all OSSL function pages will be uniform in appearance at all times
*The template is also a smart one. It will automatically add a page to the relevant "missing" category, if any of the info is missing.
*It can pinpoint problem with missing info from the template.
*More fields can be added. However, all pages using the template will need to be either manually updated, or use a bot to add the new field(s).
*The template can be extended with relative ease, adding more functionality, and automation.
*When creating a new OSSL function article, the user will have to copy and paste the page template over to the new page.
*The pasted code can easily get damaged (thus rendering it non-functional) by deleting or altering parts of the pasted page template
'''Wishlist for the template:'''
* Automatic source formatting, adding <nowiki><source lang="lsl">{{{function_syntax}}}</source></nowiki> did not give the desired results. It would display as <source lang="lsl">{{{function_syntax}}}</source> instead of <source lang="lsl">osAnyFunction()</source>
::After doing some research, it appears that [  GeShi] in its current form can not deal with this scenario.
This template is to be used as follows:
threat_level = THREAT LEVEL
function_syntax = FUNCTION SYNTAX
ossl_example = EXAMPLE CODE
===Deprecation template.===
===Deprecation template.===

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Welcome to Friti's BrainStorm. This page will be basically a combination of a sandbox, and a development page. Pages created and edited here may or may not make it into the the official wiki content.

Also to be found here are some experiments which may or may not lead to something.

The purpose of this is to increase my own knowledge of wiki-related matters (editing, techniques, etc) and to lift the OpenSim wiki to a higher level. In the process, this will also allow me to clean up my user page ;-)


New pages

Quick tests. To be ignored!

Threat level


Deprecation template.

Purpose: To be used on the pages of deprecated functions. New page is to be created with replacement function. Suggest copying over the content of the page of the deprecated function, and make modifications in the content of the new page.
Usage: {{deprecate|<MM DD YYYY>|<newname>}}
Example: {{deprecate|Nov. 21 1997|Friti}}

3rd Party template.

Purpose: To be used on pages dealing with 3rd party add-ons, modules, and so forth, so as to clearly, uniformly, and effortlessly mark them as 3rd party software.
Usage: {{thirdparty}}
Example: {{thirdparty}}

Multicol template

Imported from Wikipedia and very useful for making large lists appear in multiple columns, and thus reduce scrolling. And example would be OSSL_Implemented.

Multicol applied

This is some text.

This is some text too.

And here's some more text.

And whoa! Even more text!!!

Disambiguation Template

Importing the disambiguation template from Wikipedia to our own wiki.

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