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Fritigern Gothly, that's me! Been a great fan of SL, and later found OpenSim. Played around with it a little and liked it a lot. Gonna be on this wiki every now and then, trying to bring some pages more up-to-date, and perhaps fix a problem or two, like orphaned pages...
As of June 4th, 2011, the great Justin has bestowed upon me the powers of Sysop. In non-wiki terms, this means that i (along with a select few), am now one of the admins.

(Hopefully) Helpful Tips

  • Put your page in a category. It helps people to find information more easily. Note that a page can be in multiple categories at the same time. An example would be a page about an OSSL function, which can both be in the OSSL category, as well as in the Scripting category.
  • Wanna make a link to another page on this wiki? Don't use a full URL, use an internal link, like so: [[Example_Link|This is the link's description]]. This prevents pages from getting orphaned!


  • Thoughts and ideas will be jotted down and played around with at the BrainStorm page. Feel free to contribute your own ideas and examples!

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