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  I am Gowri Pujitha Appana form Indian Institute of technology, Delhi. I am a research assistant working under the guidance of Robin Teigland from Stockholm School of Economincs. 
    As part of NVWN - the Nordic Virtual Worlds Network project (, we would like to build a network of people in the Nordic region who are either working with or who are interested in virtual worlds and the 3D internet since one of the project's aims is to facilitate and improve collaboration in the region. 

As such, we would very much like to ask you to complete our short online survey: The deadline for the survey is July 20.

Please forward the survey to anyone whom you think should be included in this network. Individuals may also be from outside the Nordic region if you think they might be interested in joining.

Also please let me know if you have any questions regarding NVWN or the survey.

Thank you very much for your time!

Regards, Gowri Pujitha Appana

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