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In July 2017 the Trees Module underwent a rejuvenation.

Caution ! Configuration changed in OpenSimDefaults.ini.


    ; enable the trees module. default true
    enabled = true
    ; active_trees allows module to change its trees in time.
    ; some will be deleted, others created and rest may grow
    ; default is false. You can change it with console comand tree active true|false later
    active_trees = false
    ; the trees change execution time rate (in ms)
    update_rate = 1000 
    ; allow the trees to grow.
    ; DANGER
    ; this option causes high network use on the order of 
    ; NumberOfTrees * NumberAvatars * 1000 / update_rate udp packets per second
    allowGrow = false




  • copy the [Trees] section from opensimDefaults to opensim.ini
  • create xml files, (copy the example above and edit) per each type of tree you want and locations.
  • start region with the module enabled (like the default)

Then on console and for each of those files, also looking in world:

  • do tree load oneXmlFilename.extension
  • tree plant TheNameYouGaveOnThatXMLNameField

In world you should now have a new tree.

  • tree active true

new trees are created wait a until most of the requested number is present (number is on xml)

  • tree statistics shows the number.
  • tree active false

look around to see if you like the result it not, type tree remove TheNameYouGaveOnThatXMLNameField and repeat from the load above.

if you are happy, type

  • tree freeze TheNameYouGaveOnThatXMLNameField true

and go to next xml file

When done, keep active false. The trees are now normal in world prims.

If you have no plans to change for a long time, change enabled to false on opensim.ini

  • shutdown region and restart

since module is out of the way, you can adjust some the trees to improve, like taking some out of houses


So this module is really not very a practical one, even if you are the only user of a region. But can be useful to do initial creation of trees areas.

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