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This one section:

OAR file from "Lusitania Tester" for all

OAR-File.tar.gz- Every week (on Sunday after 21:00 UTC) a OAR file from "Lusitania Tester" of WorldSimTerra-Grid is available for use of building and rezz of different avatars. All the avatars of all the grids are invited to place their free buildings and rezz to share with the OpenSim community. To get the OAR file, the member of the OpenSim community will make the registration on the site, after logging in, the downloads are available on the "Avatar Toolbox" tab (this tab is only available after you login to the site)

I logged into the web page of the particular world the link leads to (after creating an account). O found no "Avatar Toolbox" tab. I tried inworld but found no indication that there was some kind of a box or someting inworld. I didn't want to just delete this paragraph in the hopes that maybe I just did something wrong. If any one else can confirm that this OAR file is no longer being offered then please delete this section.

OAR file from "Lusitania Tester" was removed from wiki page, sorry.

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