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About OpenSimulator scripting

An important ingredient in Second Life is scripting. It is the engine that drives it all. In SL LSL (Linden Scripting Language) is the language you have to use. This language has its limitations, and is executed very slowly. But nevertheless it works and it gets the job done.

OpenSimulator today supports LSL (with extra OSSL and various other functions) and C# scripts. But with limitations:

  • Not all commands and events have been implemented. See Scripting System Status below for details on what commands work and which don't. Patches to implement missing functionality are very welcome.
  • The OpenSimulator script engine compiles the LSL code down to .Net code that is JIT'ed to CPU native code (in layman's terms, when a script is run on OpenSim, it gets translated to something that the CPU directly can understand.). In effect this means that a LSL script in OpenSimulator should run faster than in Second Life.
  • Stability and security: see Script Execution Sandbox.

Configuring scripting

There are a number of parameters that can be tweaked for scripting, such as those which enable OSSL commands or increase the limits on certain script facilities (e.g. listeners).

For standalone and small grid use, the default scripting settings should be fine. See Configuring Scripting for information on configuring these parameters.

How to use scripts in OpenSimulator

If you have never written a script in LSL before, then please have a look at the LSL wiki to learn the scripting basics. If you do have (some) experience with writing or editing LSL scripts, then the procedure is identical to the procedure on SL.

Known problems:

  • Error messages about scripting errors are often cryptic, and tend to be long.
  • List memory optimization hacks like this ... myList = llListReplaceList((myList = []) + myList, ["myString"], 2, 2); ... will fail.
  • Linux/Mac users will need to upgrade the default mono to "mono-complete" in order to have a fully functional scripting engine in OpenSimulator. See the bug tracker for details.

Scripting System Status

Status Tables / Charts related to LSL and OSSL functions, constants and related material.

LSL/OSSL Status Overview


Additional Resources for Scripting (LSL)

There have been many questions regarding scripts and tools for scripting lately. Presented here are a variety of Links to Resources which will help most people with Scripting LSL.

OpenSimulator Specific Materials:

Suggested Links for LSL wikis:

Note the Tutorials, Examples & Script Libraries

Off-World Local LSL Editing Tools & Syntax Highlighters

Note: most do not support osFunctions

All EDITORS (no osFunctions) Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available

In this repository you can find the syntax grammar, syntax highlighting and snippet files for the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) of Second Life for different kinds of software.

LSL EDITOR (no osFunctions) Windows version available

Now an Open Source project. New release is February 2012 (Ver.2.44.2). A valuable tool and easy install.

LSL Plus (no osFunctions) Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available

Open source Eclipse plugin. Regular updates. Not quite as quick to get installed as LSLEditor, but very good tool.

Notepad++ (osFunctions supported with add-on UDF) Windows version available

Windows only Editor with enhanced capabilities & supports most languages. Very powerful & feature rich.

KATE (no osFunctions) Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available

Free and open source text editor, supporting lots of scriptinmg and programming languages out of the box. This includes LSL.

Sublime Text 2 (os*/wl*/mod* functions supported with the bundle below) Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available

Completions & syntax coloring of LSL/OSSL functions/events/constants & in-world editor look-and-feel theme.
To use OSSL feature, use ".ossl" for your script file extension.
It is currently compatible with LL v3.4.1 and OpenSimulator v0.7.4+ (master r/21068).

FS2LSL Graphical editor (LSL OSSL) Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available

Free and open source text editor, Online-Offline LSL/OSSL Graphical script editor for WEB Browser or Windows (Programming for beginners)

More editors are listed at

Syntax Highlighting


  • Presentation Board - Simple Presentation Board that slides through inventory textures...
  • GitHub FS2LSL - FS2LSL Online-Offline LSL/OSSL script editor for WEB or Windows (Programming for beginners)

Zusätzliche Ressourcen für das Skripting (OSSL)

In letzter Zeit gab es viele Fragen zu Scripts und Tools für das Scripting. Hier sind ein paar Links zu Ressourcen, die den meisten Leuten mit OSSL-Scripting helfen werden.

How to contribute

The ScriptEngine is being developed by many developers. New developers are always welcome. If you want to contribute, even just a tiny little bit, have a look at the OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine page. There is a lot of developer activity on IRC (Support), feel free to drop in.

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