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(Flickr OpenSimulator group)
(Flickr OpenSimulator group)
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| [[Image:Snapshot nix 02.jpg|thumb]]  
| [[Image:Snapshot nix 02.jpg|thumb]]  
| [[Image:OpenSimulator 000.jpg|thumb]]
| [[Image:OpenSimulator 001.jpg|thumb]]
| [[Image:OpenSimulator 002.jpg|thumb]]
{| width="90%" style="text-align:left;"
| [[Image:OpenSimulator 003.jpg|thumb]]
| [[Image:OpenSimulator 004.jpg|thumb]]
| [[Image:OpenSimulator 005.jpg|thumb]]
| [[Image:OpenSimulator 006.jpg|thumb]]
{| width="90%" style="text-align:left;"
| [[Image:OpenSimulator 007.jpg|thumb]]
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[edit] Babblefrog@OSGRID

Snapshot 001.jpg
Snapshot snow.jpg
Snapshot venice.jpg

[edit] Nebadon

Nebadon2025 01.jpg
Nebadon2025 02.jpg
Nebadon2025 03.jpg
Nebadon2025 04.jpg
Nebadon2025 05.jpg
Nebadon2025 06.jpg
Nebadon2025 07.jpg
Nebadon2025 08.jpg
Nebadon2025 09.jpg
Nebadon2025 10.jpg
Nebadon2025 11.jpg
Nebadon2025 12.jpg
NEBADON2025-03.jpg 01.jpg 02 1.jpg 03 1.jpg 04 1.jpg 05 1.jpg 06 1.jpg 07 1.jpg 08 1.jpg 10 1.jpg 11 1.jpg 12 1.jpg 13 1.jpg 14a 1.jpg

[edit] Key Gruin

Keygruin wright 101111-theater.png
Keygruin wright 101111-014.png
Keygruin wright 101111-017.png
Keygruin wright 101111-nebadon.png

[edit] Balthazar

Thursday 002.jpg
Thursday 003.jpg

[edit] Darb

Simulator, meet Geographic Info Systems ( Four shots from a 49-sim model of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, CA

Tam 49 20071028 2.jpg
Tam 49a 20071028 3.jpg
Kentfield 20071029.jpg
Phoenix lake 20071029.jpg

Shots from an 81-sim 1:4 scale model around Berkeley, CA

Berk81 20071207.jpg
Berk81 20071207 003.jpg
Berk81 20071207 007.jpg
Berk81 20071205 002.jpg
Berk81 20071207 015.jpg
Berk81 20071207 016.jpg
Berk81 20071207 011.jpg
Berk81 20071208 002.jpg

Shots of a 40-region 1.024:1 scale model of UC Berkeley

Svn054 4272.jpg
Svn054 4272 20080417a.jpg
OB40 greek theater vu ely.jpg
OB40 sather tower vu ely.jpg
OB40 shattuck center vu wly.jpg
OB40 I house vu nely.jpg
OB40 civic center.jpg
OB40 Hearst vu ely.jpg

[edit] NixNerd

Snapshot nix 02.jpg

[edit] CentralGrid

Central Grid Orientation
Central Grid Business
BullRun - Art Gallery inside CentralGrid

[edit] United Grid - Sid Green

United Grid Tramway, January 2008
Unnamed Bridge, January 2008
Spiral Staircase, December 2008

[edit] Phrearch Miles

Phrearch Miles localsim 2.jpg

[edit] Sean Dague


[edit] Sun Payne -

Pictures taken on the opengrid maintened by

Sun linden.jpg
New Ruth.jpg
Ruth on mountain.jpg
Mountains island.jpg
Heart island.jpg
Man island.jpg
Maze island.jpg
Shirt island.jpg
Opensimulator island.jpg

[edit] Openvue Grid -


[edit] Grumly

Lego(tm) building :-)


Draw on prims using an Browser Silverlight applet


[edit] WorldSimTerra ex-OpenSimPT -

Pictures taken on the opengrid maintained by
Portuguese Translation: "Imagens obtidas no opengrid mantido por"

Lusitania Center on worldSimTerra-Grid

[edit] TalentRaspel Grid

Trgrid 07.jpg
Trgrid 02.jpg
Trgrid 06.jpg
Trgrid 01.jpg

[edit] VirtualSims.Net

Central Park Construction.jpg

[edit] Future Life Grid

Nova Fortunis.jpg
Nova Fortunis 2.jpg
Nova Fortunis 3.jpg

[edit] Fritz t. Cat

Pearl-Cove and Pearl-Point, view out to sea.
Pearl-Point from Pearl-Cove, showing lighthouse with day cover closed, wrecked freighter, two off-world reefs with red and green navigation lights, spilled crude oil, surfacing whale, supply boat with wake, floating kelp, waves, foam, docks, trees and rocks.
View over off-world reef of Pearl Point at sunrise, small navigation light in foreground. Foam, kelp, particle birds, rocks.
Lighthouse at night from Pearl-Cove, large boat (2Dsail) with foam and bow wave, small lighthouse supply boat, reef and green buoy, palms including Escher palm.
At night, over lighthouse and of Pearl-Cove, showing light flash, boat with wake, wrecked freighter and foam.
Lighthouse at night, catching Fresnel lens flash. Lens, boat, foam,Mandelbrot heart flat, pelican, weather vane, smoke. Clockwork just visible under lens.
Argand whale oil lamp (from photo in book).
Clockwork to turn lens system (from photos of Point Reyes Lighthouse.).
Clockwork with Point Reyes photo. in background.
Simpy's boat and temple on Pearl-Cove, from Pearl-Point.
St. Charles Avenue Victorian house with gazebo porch, on Pearl-Cove, with Pearl-Point Lighthouse and Pagan temple in background.
Underwater coral at Pearl-Point.
Nudibranchs over sand in Pearl-Point.

[edit] Architecture Islands


[edit] TXSTATE University Grid

Suspension Bridge Bobcat to Odaesan 003.png
TXSTATE Grid 001.png
TXSTATE Grid 002.png
TXSTATE Grid 003.png
TXSTATE Grid 004.png
TXSTATE Grid 005.png
TXSTATE Grid 006.png
TXSTATE Grid 007.png
TXSTATE Grid 008.png
TXSTATE Grid 009.png

[edit] Videos

[edit] On-line TV

Broadcast from WorldSimTerra TV... real opensim TV-live

[edit] Megaprims

Flight Into Terrain Megaprims in Berkeley

OpenSimulator versus Google Earth, a random walk through 40 regions

[edit] Other videos

Immersive Education: Web2World Whiteboard

Immersive Education: RocketWorld




Opensimulator album on Wegame
Opengrid album on Youtube

Ruth versus Rover, r5234 with ODE

UC Berkeley Greek Theater 1.024:1 scale

UC Berkeley LBNL to Wurster Hall 1.024:1 scale

UC Berkeley Easterly campus flight 1.024:1 scale

Import Terrain from main grid

WorldSimTerra-Grid website

24 hours with shadows on WorldSimTerra

Some images of WorldSimTerra-Grid

WorldSimTerra Server Test 090405

TalentRaspel Grid website
Demo: A flight through the TalentRaspel Grid
Demo: Another flight through the TalentRaspel Grid
Tutorial video "User registration and client installation" (in german)
Tutorial video "First steps after login" (in german)
Tutorial video "How to persist your avatars appearance" (in german)

Architecture in OpenSim website

Architecture Islands Grid demo
Design/Build Demo in OpenSimulator on the Architecture Islands Grid

[edit] OpenSimulator 2nd birthday event videos

Report about OpenSimulator 2nd birthday event Part 1 (german language)

Report about OpenSimulator 2nd birthday event Part 2 (german language)

Report about OpenSimulator 2nd birthday event Part 3 (german language)

[edit] Information videos about virtual worlds

Part 1: A Review (german language)

Part 2: 3D-Engines (german language)

[edit] External Links

[edit] LaeMi's sim on her home Linux box

[edit] Flickr OpenSimulator group

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