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The REST console makes remote administration of the various OpenSim services possible.


We take the user service( as example here. First start a new session by sending a POST. Params: USER, PASS 

Return: (XML) <ConsoleSession><SessionID></SessionID><Prompt></Prompt></ConsoleSession>

Now we got the SessionID, which can be used to send a command. Use the SessionID as ID param, and send a POST again. Params: ID, COMMAND

Return: (XML) <ConsoleSession><Result></Result></ConsoleSession> If everything went well, the command should have been executed. Try another command.

When you want to close down the connection, send a POST again. PARAMS: ID

Return: (XML) <ConsoleSession><Result></Result></ConsoleSession> The session is closed, and you have to login again, when you want to send a command again.


In python:

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