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* [[Server Commands]]
* [[Server Commands]]
[[Category:RemoteAdmin Commands]]

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admin_save_oar remotely allows to save a oar files of regions


[edit] Enabling admin_save_oar

If not all functions are enabled, use admin_save_oar to enable the function in the [RemoteAdmin] section

enabled_methods = admin_save_oar,...

[edit] Parameters

[edit] Required Parameters

These parameters are required

parameter Description Values
region_name Name of the new region, optionaly region_uuid
filename file name

[edit] Optional Parameters

These parameters are optional and do not need to be set

parameter Description Values
region_id region uuid, optional region_name
noassets save oar without objects "true"
profile add all names of creators from this world with link to profile <url> of profile service
perm objects with insufficient permissions will not be saved C, T, CT

[edit] Returned Parameters

[edit] Returned Parameters

These parameters are returned by Remote Admin

parameter Description Values
saved true when successfully saved xml true, false

[edit] Error messages

No error messages

[edit] Notes

[edit] Example

[edit] PHP

This example needs the RemoteAdmin PHP Class file available here.

// Including the RemoteAdmin PHP class.
// Instantiate the class with parameters identical to the Python example above
$myRemoteAdmin = new RemoteAdmin('', 9000, 'secret');
// Invoke admin_save_oar (multiple parameters)
$parameters = array('region_name' => 'My Plaza', 'filename' => 'my-region.oar');
$myRemoteAdmin->SendCommand('admin_save_oar', $parameters);

[edit] See Also

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