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admin create region

admin_create_region remotely allows to create a new regions.

To use admin_create_region you need to enable the function in the [RemoteAdmin] section

enabled_methods = admin_create_region


  • region_name - Name of the new region
  • listen_ip - listen ip to be used by region
  • listen_port - integer value of port
  • external_address - external address to be used by the region
  • region_x - region x location in grid
  • region_y - region y location in grid
  • estate_name - estate name that the new region belongs to. Specify estate owner if the estate does not exist yet.

Optional paramenters

  • region_id - region uuid to be used for new region
  • estate_owner_uuid - estate owner uuid (optionaly use estate_owner_first and estate_owner_last)
  • estate_owner_first - estate owners first name
  • estate_owner_last - estate owners last name
  • persist - saves new region configs to file e.g. region.ini
  • region_file - when using persist you can specify the file to save region configs to
  • public - enable/disable public access to new region [true, false]
  • enable_voice - enable/disable voice to new region [true, false]
  • heightmap_file - load a heightmap file once the new region has been created.
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