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admin_acl_add remotely allows to add a list of users to the access control list


[edit] Enabling admin_acl_add

If not all functions are enabled, use admin_acl_add to enable the function in the [RemoteAdmin] section

enabled_methods = admin_acl_add,...

[edit] Parameters

[edit] Required Parameters

These parameters are required

parameter Description Values
region_name Region name to add user, optionaly use region_uuid
users list of users names eg. "Jon Doe"

[edit] Optional Parameters

No optional parameters

[edit] Returned Parameters

[edit] Returned Parameters

These parameters are returned by Remote Admin

parameter Description Values
added list of user uuids added

[edit] Error messages

[edit] Notes

[edit] Example

[edit] PHP

This example needs the RemoteAdmin PHP Class file available here.

// Including the RemoteAdmin PHP class.
// Instantiate the class with parameters identical to the Python example above
$myRemoteAdmin = new RemoteAdmin('', 9000, 'secret');
// Invoke admin_acl_add (multiple parameters)
$parameters = array('region_name' => 'My Plaza', 'users' => 'John Doe');
$myRemoteAdmin->SendCommand('admin_acl_add', $parameters);
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