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RemoteAdmin is an interface for simulators that allows various operations to be executed from outside the simulator. Operations that relate to the simulator itself (e.g teleport user) are always available. Those that relate to grid services (user creation and updating) are only available in standalone mode. In grid mode, one has to use ROBUST level UserManipulation capabilities instead.

How to Setup the Remote Admin interface

First you should enable the remote admin interface to do so just add the following lines to your OpenSim.ini file Port should be set to a nonzero value to have the remote admin on a different port

As of r/16843 you can limit access to remote admin to specific IP addresses by using the optional access_ip_addresses. You can list all IP's allowed to access remote admin by seperating each IP by a comma. If access_ip_addresses isn't set, then all IP addresses can access RemoteAdmin.

enabled = true
access_password = secret
enabled_methods = all

See OpenSim.ini.example in the OpenSimulator distribution for more details.

Further options

You can also specify a different port for the XMLRPCAdmin command listener from the default simulator HTTP port

port = <port-number>

RemoteAdmin Commands

Caution ! All commands using parameters for the uuid of a region use "region_id" as parameter. All other parameters eg. region_uuid or regionID will be removed after June 2012

Agent management

User account management

Object management

Parcel management

Region management

Region file management

Region access management

Estate management


Misc (Undocumented)


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