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OpenSimulator now has a forge for related software.

Other related software

These are independent implementations of OpenSimulator services, such as the user server or the inventory server (also known as UGAI).

  • OpenUGAI - A Perl implementation of the UGAI services which runs within Apache.
  • Terraingen - Tool for producing OpenSim terrains from USGS DEM files.
  • RegionGenerator - Generates Region XML Files
  • Second Inventory - A Windows based client that can be used to back up and restore objects from Second Life as well as from various OpenSimulator based grids. It allows you to back up objects from the Second Life main grid, and restore them into OpenSimulator grids. It is still a bit primitive and sometimes can be flaky. This software is in no way supported by the OpenSIM team, please contact its creator for support.
  • METAbolt - METAbolt is a non-graphical (text based) viewer. It's light weight and cross grid, which means it will work in Second Life as well as other grids that are based on OpenSIM. The viewer is Open Source so it's free. Currently METAbolt is only available for Windows platforms.


  • 3D Head Tracking Software - The idea here is that Johnny has written an application that will allow real3d perspective using a WiiMote & a modified set of safety glasses. Johnny includes all of the source and several sample applications to get this moving forward. Would someone like to pick this up and build us a real3D interface for the SL browser? It's not as hard as you think.
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