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It's already possible to testrun modrex on linux, so a crossplatform solution for the viewer is needed as well. Most libraries used in the RealXtend viewer are cross-platform. Nevertheless there are some windows dependencies, which prevents the viewer to compile and run on the Linux platform. In the meanwhile we can use the viewer through the use of wine. Wine allows to run native win32 applications on Linux. Wine is not an emulator, and is faster than one might expect. RealXtend runs quite stable on wine(40/50 fps) with archlinux i686 distro, nvidia 8600GT, Athlon 3200+ and 2GB ram.

RealXtend on Linux


  • install git
  • Get the latest wine
git clone git:// ~/wine-git
cd ~/wine-git
  • get the wglShareLists patch and copy into ~/wine-git/dlls/winex11.drv
  • Do the patch for opengl.c
patch -p0 < attachment.patch
  • Build wine(not as root)
  • Add libraries(dx9, .net, etc.) using winetricks
  • try to run the viewer
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ files/RealXtend/realXtend.exe
  • Tweak wine in case the viewer crashes.

There are some libraries which can be tweaked, in case the viewer crashes on load. My settings are: rpcrt4(buildin native), comctl32(native buildin)

Known Quirks

  • If the viewer refuses to start(complaining about window creation) after some succesful sessions, then remove ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/user/Application\ Data/realXtend
  • After a normal quit, the colors of the desktop may become hippy-like distorted. Kill the proces instead to avoid it.

Have fun!

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