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This page is for putting the translations in each languages of README.txt.

Note that the most reliable one is the copy in OpenSim packages.

Welcome to OpenSim!

==== OVERVIEW ====

OpenSim is a BSD Licensed Open Source project to develop a functioning
virtual worlds server platform capable of supporting multiple clients
and servers in a heterogeneous grid structure. OpenSim is written in
C#, and can run under Mono or the Microsoft .NET runtimes.

This is considered an alpha release.  Some stuff works, a lot doesn't.
If it breaks, you get to keep *both* pieces.

=== Compiling OpenSim ===

Please see BUILDING.txt if you downloaded a source distribution and 
need to build OpenSim before running it.

=== Running OpenSim on Windows ===

We recommend that you run OpenSim from a command prompt on Windows in order
to capture any errors.

To run OpenSim from a command prompt

* cd to the bin/ directory where you unpacked OpenSim
* run OpenSim.exe

Now see the "Configuring OpenSim" section

=== Running OpenSim on Linux ===

You will need Mono >= 2.4.3 to run OpenSim.  On some Linux distributions you
may need to install additional packages.  See
for more information.

To run OpenSim, from the unpacked distribution type:

* cd bin
* mono OpenSim.exe

Now see the "Configuring OpenSim" section

=== Configuring OpenSim ===

When OpenSim starts for the first time, you will be prompted with a
series of questions that look something like:

[09-17 03:54:40] DEFAULT REGION CONFIG: Simulator Name [OpenSim Test]:

For all the options except simulator name, you can safely hit enter to accept
the default if you want to connect using a client on the same machine or over
your local network.

You will then be asked "Do you wish to join an existing estate?".  If you're
starting OpenSim for the first time then answer no (which is the default) and
provide an estate name.

Shortly afterwards, you will then be asked to enter an estate owner first name,
last name, password and e-mail (which can be left blank).  Do not forget these
details, since initially only this account will be able to manage your region
in-world.  You can also use these details to perform your first login.

Once you are presented with a prompt that looks like:

  Region (My region name) #

You have successfully started OpenSim.

If you want to create another user account to login rather than the estate
account, then type "create user" on the OpenSim console and follow the prompts.

Helpful resources:

=== Connecting to your OpenSim ===

By default your sim will be available for login on port 9000.  You can login by
adding -loginuri to the command that starts Second Life
(e.g. in the Target: box of the client icon properties on Windows).  You can
also login using the network IP address of the machine running OpenSim (e.g.

To login, use the avatar details that you gave for your estate ownership or the
one you set up using the "create user" command.

=== Bug reports ===

In the very likely event of bugs biting you (err, your OpenSim) we
encourage you to see whether the problem has already been reported on
the OpenSim mantis system. You can find the OpenSim mantis system at

If your bug has already been reported, you might want to add to the
bug description and supply additional information.

If your bug has not been reported yet, file a bug report ("opening a
mantis"). Useful information to include:
* description of what went wrong
* stack trace
* OpenSim.log (attach as file)
* OpenSim.ini (attach as file)
* if running under mono: run OpenSim.exe with the "--debug" flag:

      mono --debug OpenSim.exe

=== More Information on OpenSim ===

More extensive information on building, running, and configuring
OpenSim, as well as how to report bugs, and participate in the OpenSim
project can always be found at

Thanks for trying OpenSim, we hope it is a pleasant experience.
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