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Hypergrid-enabled sims

The following is a list of hypergrid-ready nodes that you can use for testing your installation and for linking your world. Please add your public node at the bottom of the list if you wish to help build a web of opensims! Anyone found inserting a grid higher in the list may have their entry removed.

For the time being, and until the security concerns are addressed, we advise you to be careful about who you link to.

Hypergrid 1.5 - General Grids/Sims

The following is a list of hypergrid 1.5-ready nodes that you can use for testing your installation and for linking your world. Please add your public node at the bottom of the list if you wish to help build a web of opensims! Anyone found inserting a grid higher in the list may have their entry removed.

link-region server and port Organization Description Grid Location UCI Grid UCIGrid V 0.7.1 (post-fixes) Centered at 5000,5000 GermanGrid GermanGrid V 0.71(dev) Centered at 8000,8000 Marlokir Just a small standalone for testing running on version 0.7.1 (dev).

It will probably be online only temporarily.

Centered at 4500,4500 Jez's World A small private Estate, previously stand alone - but for now part of GridNirvana.

Please feel free to pop over and visit.

Centered at 6500,6500 Openvue Openvue grid at Virtual University of Edinburgh Centered at 1000,1000 Vue-5000 Openvue grid at Virtual University of Edinburgh Centered at 5000,5000 Vue-9000 Openvue grid at Virtual University of Edinburgh Centered at 9000,9000 DWGrid DWGrid Centered at 7000,7000 Metaverse Sims 6-region standalone hypergrid on V 0.7.3 Dev Centred at 9000,9000 Beta Technologies OpenSim Grid (btgrid) Grid for internal development, mostly for academic research and backups from old sims. V. Centered at 3650,3650 The Bloomfield Grid This is a personal grid for my friends and familly, However we welcome others with a smile. V. (We are also Hyper Gate enabled) Centered at 5000,5000 Triton Grid This is a 100+ region Public grid. All are welcome (We are also Hyper Gate enabled in several regions throughout the grid) (HG 1.5X Interface 7 Runing the latest .71Dev revs. maintains creator data) Centered at 9000,9000 Condensation Land 10 regions Centered at 7789, 7789 eden 16 regions full 3 story hidden freebie mall, HyperGate, WiFi at Centered at 3917, 4144 Sailing Grid A D2 grid on V 0.7.2(release)a .Net hosted 16 region mega with support regions Centered at 7000,7000 Ogzoco Grid & RaionFort Mentolyptus Destiny testing & work grid. Hypergrid 1.5, OpenSim 0.7.1 (Currently OsGrid Revision - 10-22-2010). Gateway to multiple grids on map. Photos: - Twitter: - EMail: Centered at 7852, 7852 AnSky Grid 10 regions Centered at 7100, 7100 Sim-World Welcome Center 41 regions Centered at 10000, 10000 unethika It works (most of the time) and it's fun! Come via hg hop or snag an avatar at ! We also run a working(ish) Freeswitch server. <no guarantees, of course :P> Centered at 7500, 7500 Odonata Systems Mimetic Core's developmental grid: works in progress and personal hypergrid sandbox. Accounts disabled but HG visitors welcome. Hosted on laptop + fast ADSL (V 0.7.2 dev, CentOS 6, Mono 2.10.2). Twitter: @odosys. Freenode IRC channel: #odosys.

Note: Grid is currently OFFLINE to free up resources for another project, but will return soon.

Centered at 7990, 8012 FleepGrid Personal research grid operated by Fleep Tuque, 8-12 sims at any given time. Grid hoppers and testers welcome. Running Opensim 0.7.2 RC2 Release HG 1.5 (i7). Gateway regions available at (1013,1013), (5013,5013), and (13013,13013). See for more information or follow Fleep at Centered at 9013, 9013 Viradu Science Fiction World
12 Science Fiction themed regions run by Michael Blade Sci-fi blogger dedicated to writers and those who love it. Hypergrid Teleporters, Builders welcome, free land grab, rules apply. Tell others about us...Join in the fun! =>
How to build your own virtual world here =>
Centered at 5001, 5001 Psychedelia Grid The home of psychedelic music. This Grid is for all fans of psychedelic music. Watch the bands playing at the festival and stay over night in your tent. centered at 6000, 5990 Logicamp Logicamp is a virtual world specialized in camp-site management and virtual tourism. You can visit it throughout our cable network. Centered at 8000, 8000
Megaregion Entrance (7997,7994)
Snapshot 037.png
60 plot Megaregion - logicamp
Centered at 7900, 7900
Terra Virtua
The Terra Virtua intergrid nexus.
6000,6000 Possible future home of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont
When there, check the map and TP to surrounding regions that are populated with "stuff"br> Centered at 6100, 6107 PMGrid Nursery grid to enable people to try their builds at little or no cost. Land available to try your ideas without charge. Centered at 7000,7000 Sofitek Sofitek grid, the virtual offices of Sofitek, a web development company. Includes a small selection of free avatars and a hypergate portal to other worlds. Check out the books in the office, and talk to chatbot Lady Sofitek. Centered at 10000,10000
[AstralGrid] Homepage 4 Freebies and 1 sandbox Region Centered at 10000,10000 Website at Centered at 9000,9000 YourSimSpot.Com A hosting solution for 3D virtual worlds. Centered at 1000,1000 BUSINESS INSPIRE []

Landingpoint coordinates: 127,127,27
The central HYPERGRID service for all GRIDS in the Netherlands. Please feel welcome to visit our PLAZA and jump to other DUTCH GRID's like SIMVALLEY NL. Send a and we will add your grid to!

Centered at 5000,5000

Hypergrid 1.5 - Education oriented grid/sims

External directories of Hypergrid-enabled sims

  • GridHop
  • Hyperica
  • The HyperGates -- The first dynamic, auto-updating HyperGrid directory for HyperGrid 1.5 ( OpenSim 0.7.1 and OpenSim ) standalones & grids. Download the HyperGate from the site now and Join the HyperGate Network. The most reliable HyperGrid directory.
  • hgurl

Old List (HG 1.0)

Keeping this here for historical reasons, but most of these don't work anymore.

link-region server and port Organization Description Grid Location University of California, Irvine The "UCI Welcome" region connected to OSGrid. It is run by Diva (Crista Lopes) on a machine owned by the University of California, Irvine. You can link to it as a way to link to OSGrid. OSGrid is centered at 10,000, 10,000 University of California, Irvine The "UC Irvine" region connected to OSGrid, neighboring Wright Plaza. You can link to it as a way to link to OSGrid. OSGrid is centered at 10,000, 10,000 University of California, Irvine The UCI Grid UCIGrid is centered at 8,888, 8,888 University of California, Irvine The UCI Grid, region "Gateway 3000". Link your lower-1,000's grid to this node in order to bridge to grids in the 10,000's. This node is positioned at 3,000, 3,000 University of California, Irvine The UCI Grid, region "Gateway 7000". Link your 10,000's grid to this node in order to bridge to grids in the lower-1,000's. This node is positioned at 7,000, 7,000. Grid Meanduland [1], Meanduland - by Ayana and Frank Northmead. Residential grid and playground for couples. Quite, peaceful and fun. Regular live music concerts and coming soon - rpg's, adventure simulations, private beaches, sail boat racing, dune buggy racing, and much much more. All welcome, no membership or landownership requirements, you just need desire to have fun and be a good neighbor. Regions available at cost during Alpha and Beta development of OpenSim. Centered at 8000, 8000 Cyberlandia The "Cyberlandia Gw" region. Metaverso italiano 3D, more to 250 region and 1000 users. You can link to it as a way to link to Cyberlandia. Cyberlandia is centered at ??? Cyberlandia The "Osgrid Gw" region connected to Cyberlandia grid Search on map "Cyberlandia grid" You can link to it as a way to link to OSGrid. OSGrid is centered at 10,000, 10,000 Tropical 1 Ralf Haifisch on osgrid The "Sharkland Tropical" region connected to OSGrid. German welcome aerea, Freebie aerea, region rental, pretty tropical regions Centered at 10000,10000 Social Network Italia The "SNI City" region connected to SNI (Social Network Italia) grid This grid is connected with Osgrid,Collateral World,Francogrid and Darwin Centered at ??? Part of Social Network Italia Collateral World Centered at ??? Francogrid Francogrid node, connected to "City", behind the welcome land of Francogrid "Orion" Centered at 1000 1000 Le Monde de Darwin The Lost World of Darwin Hypergrid.jpg Centered at 1000 1000 K-Grid The Kool grid for the Kool KidZ . Feel free to visit us. The main Gateway is located at 3700,3700 so take that in account before any HyperJump. Adress updated 02/07/09 This node is located at 3700,3700 METROPOLIS-Grid The Region "Center-World" connected to the METROPOLIS-Grid . German Grid with a lot of free Content and free SIM-hosting. Connected via HG to the most of the Grids listed here Centered at 7000,7000 BlueWall Information Technologies This region is in a good proximity @ (6000,6000) for intermediate jumps to OSGrid from grids in the (2000,2000) range, or any region within 4096 units.
Get your Hypernaut here :)
Centered at 6000,6000 MyOpenGrid Myopengrid is connected to "Osgrid Gateway" and 9050 "Franco Grid" Centered at 7000,7000 Cuon-Grid Cuon-Grid is a little grid and has some Main Sims with linux themes, server are in Germany. To login in to the grid use this There are free sims for testing. Centered at 10,000, 10,000 Metaverse Sims 6-region standalone hypergrid on V. 0.7.2 (Dev) Centered at 9000, 9000 SCHWARZE WELT inworld location of , the maybe biggest dark music streaming readio 100000 10000 ScienceSim ScienceSim is a virtual world created for the high performance computing community for scientific visualizations, a number of interesting real world terrains (Mt St Helens and Yellowstone Park) and some astronomical simulations. And some useful, BSD-licensed content. Centered at 10000,10000 Bubble Cloud The alpha 00 is the entrance area to bubble cloud grid. Bubble cloud is test grid where anyone can experiment. If you build something please do it in medieval fantasy setting for others to enjoy. Centered at 10,000, 10,000 Sim1, 4 Server (Linux/Windows), hypergrided standalones, 16 Regions, German Users (Deutsche Benutzer), Live-Support, IRC-Gateway, Wiki, FAQ, Howto´s, Downloads. Connected to most of the Grids and some hypergrided standalones. Centered at 4400,4400 Virtual World Trade Center [2], The VWTC. A repository for freebie items to share with the OS community. Weekly oar files will be made freely available on VWTC is at 3003, 3003 Zonja Capalini Condensation Land, 10 regions Centered at 7789, 7789 Snoopy Pfeffer OSGrid, Samsara, freebie shopping region Centered at 10006, 9999 Snoopy Pfeffer OSGrid, Snoopies, dance club and event region Centered at 10005, 9999 Twisted Sky Welcome region on the Twisted Sky World Grid (at 998, 1000) - Centered at 1000, 1000 Tlön Tlön, Uqbar and Orbis Tertius - http://www.tlö ( Centered at 7650, 7650 PMGrid PMGrid is a set of areas for grid development prior to implementation so there is no specific theme. Visit here and see a varied range of builds and perhaps get some ideas for yourself. centered at 7000, 7000 Austria Grid A virtual copy of the country Austria. This Grid is for all those who want to find their hometown in the virtual landscape of a virtual Austria.This Grid is not only for creating a virtual Austria, it's a meeting point, a place for communication. For permanent link-exchange, write an email. centered at 7000, 6990
Main region at YourSimSpot (1000,1000) - YourSimSpot Centered at 1000, 1000
Main region at My3dworld (7900,7900)
Home of Johnny 5 bot
Meet Johnny 5
16 plot Megaregion has Hypergate, linked to several other grids on map - My3dWorld
Centered at 7900, 7900
Main region at sim-world island (10000,10000)
41 regions has teleport board linked to several other regions on map
Centered at 10000, 10000     Shatar Lorefield [Universi Legacy]

Main region at Oasis (5000, 5000)

Hypergrid enabled Standalone sim. Need some people to populate this Desert World.

Centered at 5000, 5000


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