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string osSetDynamicTextureURLBlendFace(string dynamicID, string contentType, string url, string extraParams, integer blend, integer disp, integer timer, integer alpha, integer face)
No descriptions provided
Threat Level VeryLow
Permissions No permissions specified
Delay No function delay specified
// ----------------------------------------------------------------
// Example / Sample Script to show function use.
// Script Title:    osSetDynamicTextureURLBlendFace.lsl
// Script Author:
// Threat Level:    VeryLow
// Script Source:   http://opensimulator.org/wiki/osSetDynamicTextureURLBlendFace
// Notes: See Script Source reference for more detailed information
// This sample is full opensource and available to use as you see fit and desire.
// Threat Levels only apply to OSSL & AA Functions
// See http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Threat_level
// ================================================================
// C# Source Line:     public string osSetDynamicTextureURLBlendFace(string dynamicID, string contentType, string url, string extraParams, int blend, int timer, int alpha, int face)
// Inworld Script Line: osSetDynamicTextureURLBlendFace(string sDynamicID, string sContentType, string sURL, string sExtraParams, integer iBlend, integer iTimer, integer iAlpha, integer iFace);
// Example of osSetDynamicTextureURLBlendFace
// ExtraParams Values:
//    width - width of the dynamic texture in pixels (example: width:256) 
//    height - height of the dynamic texture in pixels (example: height:256) 
//    alpha - alpha (transparency) component of the dynamic texture. Values are from 0-clear to 255-solid, and false to turn off the alpha layer completely (example: alpha:255) 
//    bgcolour - specifies the background color of the texture (example: bgcolour:Red) 
//    setalpha 
//    integer value - any integer value is treated like specifing alpha component 
        llSay(0,"Touch to see osSetDynamicTextureURLBlendFace used to render Web Based Image/Texture on a prim");
    touch_start(integer total_num)
        string sDynamicID = "";                          // not implemented yet
        string sContentType = "image";                   // vector = text/lines,etc.  image = texture only
        string sURL = "http://www.goes.noaa.gov/FULLDISK/GMVS.JPG"; // URL for WebImage (Earth Shown)
        string sExtraParams = "width:512,height:512";    // optional parameters in the following format: [param]:[value],[param]:[value]
        integer iBlend = TRUE;                           // TRUE = the newly generated texture is iBlended with the appropriate existing ones on the prim
        integer iDisp = 2;                               // 1 = expire deletes the old texture.  2 = temp means that it is not saved to the sDatabase. 
        integer iTimer = 0;                              // timer is not implemented yet, leave @ 0
        integer iAlpha = 255;                            // 0 = 100% Alpha, 255 = 100% Solid
        integer iFace = 0;                       // Faces of the prim, Select the Face you want
        // Set the prepared texture to the Prim
        osSetDynamicTextureURLBlendFace( sDynamicID, sContentType, sURL, sExtraParams, iBlend, iDisp, iTimer, iAlpha, iFace );
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