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| colspan="3"  align="center" style=background:orange | '''Parameters'''
| colspan="3"  align="center" style=background:orange | '''Parameters'''

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string osSetDynamicTextureDataFace(string dynamicID, string contentType, string data, string extraParams, integer timer, integer face);
Threat Level VeryLow
Permissions ${XEngine|osslParcelOG}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER
Delay 0 seconds
// Example of osSetDynamicTextureDataFace
        string CommandList;
        CommandList = osSetFontName(CommandList, "Courier New");
        CommandList = osSetFontSize(CommandList, 14);
        CommandList = osMovePen(CommandList, 20, 20); 
        CommandList = osDrawText(CommandList, "A dynamic texture!");
        osSetDynamicTextureDataFace("", "vector", CommandList, "width:512,height:512", 0, 0);
This function was added in 0.9.0-post-fixes

Name Description Remarks
dynamicID UUID of already existing dynamic texture. Intended to accept UUID from a previous call to OsSetDynamicTextureXXXX functions in order to provide modification of an existing dynamic texture NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
contentType specifies the type of the data parameter.

The following values are allowed:

  • vector - the data parameter contains a list of drawing instructions. See Drawing commands for details
data Contains a series of drawing instructions. See Drawing commands for details
extraParams additional optional parameters in the following format: [param]:[value],[param]:[value]

Multiple parameters are separated by commas. The following ones are supported:

  • width - width of the dynamic texture in pixels (example: width:256)
  • height - height of the dynamic texture in pixels (example: height:256)
  • alpha - alpha (transparency) component of the dynamic texture. Values are from 0-clear to 255-solid, and false to turn off the alpha layer completely (example: alpha:255)
  • bgcolor - specifies the background color of the texture (example: bgcolor:Red)
  • altdatadelim - specifies a delimiter between the draw commands contained in the data parameter.
  • setalpha
  • integer value - any integer value is treated like specifying alpha component
timer specify a time interval to update the texture NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
face the face of the prim to display on


  1. The dynamicID parameter is not yet implemented. The value passed will be ignored.
  2. The timer parameter is not yet implemented. The value passed will be ignored. Instead, you can use a timer event and recall the function to get the same effect.

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