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integer osReplaceRegionEnvironment(integer transition, string daycycle, float daylenght, float dayoffset, float altitude1, float altitude2, float altitude3)
Replaces region dayclycle.
  • If parameter daycycle is NULL_KEY or "", parcel environment is removed,
  • daycycle can be a name of a daycycle asset on prim contents. If it is a UUID it can also be grid asset.
  • daylenght in hours - if zero, current is used. Range 4 to 168
  • dayoffset in hours - offset from UTC. Range -11.5 to 11.5. if outside range current is used
  • altitudes in meters - defines environment trasition altitudes 1 to 3 levels. Range 1 to 4000. If 0, current is used. PLease keep them sorted ( 1 < 2 < 3)
  • if return value is negative, it failed.
  • transition should be the viewer transition time to the new one. May not work on most viewers.
Threat Level This function does not do a threat level check
Permissions Prim owner must have estate manager rights
Extra Delay 0 seconds
Added in 0.9.2

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