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osNpcLoadAppearance(key npc, string notecard)
Load appearance from a notecard. This notecard must contain appearance data created with one of the save appearance functions.
Threat Level High
Permissions ${OSSL|osslNPC}
Delay 0 seconds
//Load an appearance notecard on the collided npc with the same name like the npc.
    collision_start(integer num) //On Collision
        if(osIsNpc(llDetectedKey(0))) //Check is the the agent an npc
            if(llGetInventoryType(llDetectedName(0)) == INVENTORY_NOTECARD) //is the notecard available
                osNpcLoadAppearance(llDetectedKey(0), llDetectedName(0)); //load the new appearance
This function was added in 0.7.2-post-fixes

An important hint: This function works only for the npc owner.

You must create the npc with OsNpcCreate and the option OS_NPC_NOT_OWNED to allow all others to change the appearance.

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