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void osLocalTeleportAgent(key agentID, vector newPosition, vector newVelocity, vector newLookat, integer optionFlags)

Caution ! still experimental, subject to changes

Teleports an avatar with uuid agentID to the specified newPosition within same region.
The owner of the prim containing the script must also be owner of the parcel where the avatar is currently on. The Avatar must have rights to enter the target position. If this isn't the case then the function fails silently.

If newPosition is outside the region the target will be at nearest region border.
newVelocity, if selected in optionFlags, should set a avatar velocity, but may only work with ubOde Physics engine, even so results may be a bit unpredictable. It will stop if the avatar collides with anything at destination or if the user presses a movement key. It also has a strong drag. This behavior will need future changes.

OptionFlags is a bit field:
bit 0 (mask 1): use newVelocity
bit 1 (mask 2): use newLookAt
bit 2 (mask 4): align lookat to velocity if not zero
bit 3 (mask 8): fly
bit 4 (mask 16): do not fly

if both bits 1 and 2 are set bit 2 is ignored
if both bits 3 and 4 are set bit 4 is ignored

Threat Level Severe
Permissions ${XEngine|osslParcelO}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER
Delay 5 seconds
vector LandingPoint = <128,128,50>; // X,Y,Z landing point for avatar to arrive at
vector LookAt = <1,1,1>; // which way they look at when arriving
  on_rez(integer start_param)
  changed(integer change) // something changed, take action
    if(change & CHANGED_OWNER)
    else if (change & 256) // that bit is set during a region restart
    llWhisper(0, "OS Teleportal Active");
  touch_start(integer num_detected) 
    key avatar = llDetectedKey(0);
    llInstantMessage(avatar, "Teleporting you to : " + (string)LandingPoint);
    osLocalTeleportAgent(avatar, LandingPoint, ZEROVECTOR, <0,1,0>, 2); 
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