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list osGetPrimitiveParams(key primId, list rules)
  • Gets the parameters for the prim specified by primId according to rules.
  • This function has the same behave as llGetPrimitiveParams except you can specify target prim anywhere in the scene.
  • For general information about rules, see llGetPrimitiveParams in SecondLife Wiki.
  • Check llGetPrimitiveParams implementation status to see the differences from llGetPrimitiveParams.
  • If there is no primId prim in the scene, or the owner of the target prim is differ from the owner of the scripted prim, it will fail without error.
  • NOTE: As of OpenSimulator, this function doesn't work, results in script error(#5560). It will able to do so on 0.7.2-dev or later.
Threat Level High
Permissions ${XEngine|osslParcelO}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER
Delay 0 seconds
See the example of OsSetPrimitiveParams.
This function was added in 0.7
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