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osForceAttachToOtherAvatarFromInventory(string rawAvatarId, string itemName, integer attachmentPoint)
Attach an inventory item in the object containing this script to any avatar in the region without asking for PERMISSION_ATTACH. Nothing happens if the avatar is not in the region.
  • rawAvatarId - The UUID of the avatar to which to attach. Nothing happens if this is not a UUID.
  • itemName - The name of the item. If this is not found then a warning is said to the owner.
  • attachmentPoint - The attachment point. For example, ATTACH_CHEST.

In OpenSimulator 0.7.4.

Threat Level VeryHigh
Permissions Use of this function is always disabled by default
Delay 0 seconds
//Author: mewtwo0641
//Simple example for osForceAttachToOtherAvatarFromInventory that attaches a list of items on touch
//List of items in object inventory to be attached in format: item_name, attach_point
list items =
	"Belt", (string)ATTACH_BELLY,
	"Hat", (string)ATTACH_HEAD,
        "Left Shoe", (string)ATTACH_LFOOT,
        "Right Shoe", (string)ATTACH_RFOOT
key toucher;
    touch_start(integer x)
        toucher = llDetectedKey(0);
        integer i = 0;
        for(i; i < llGetListLength(items); i++)
            string name = llList2String(items, i);      
            integer point = (integer)llList2String(items, i + 1);            
            osForceAttachToOtherAvatarFromInventory(toucher, name, point);
This function was added in 0.7.4-post-fixes
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