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string osDrawFilledPolygon(string drawList, list xpoints, list ypoints)
C#: string osDrawFilledPolygon(string drawList, LSL_List xpoints, LSL_List ypoints)
Appends a FillPolygon drawing command to the string provided in drawList and returns the result.

The polygon is drawn with the current pen size and color on the x,y point pairs that comes from LSL list. So (x[0],y[0]),(x[1],y[1]),(x[2],y[2]) would be an example of a polygon. The polygon created is filled with the selected pen color as well.

Threat Level None
Permissions No permissions specified
Delay No function delay specified
// Example of osDrawFilledPolygon
     // Storage for our drawing commands
        string CommandList = ""; 
     // Set the pen width to 3 pixels
        CommandList = osSetPenSize( CommandList, 3 ); 
     // Set the pen color to blue
        CommandList = osSetPenColor( CommandList, "Blue" );  
    // You can use either integer, float or string 
        CommandList = osDrawFilledPolygon( CommandList, [50,100,150], ["50",100,150.0] ); 
    // Now draw the polygon
        osSetDynamicTextureData( "", "vector", CommandList, "", 0 );
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