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void osAvatarPlayAnimation(key avatar, string animation)
This function causes an animation to be played on the specified avatar.

The variable animation can be either the name of an animation within the task inventory, or it can be the animation's UUID.

Instead of the name of an animation in the prim's inventory, you can also use the names of the viewer's built-in animations.

osAvatarPlayAnimation does not perform any security checks or request animation permissions from the targeted avatar.

Threat Level VeryHigh
Permissions No permissions specified
Extra Delay No function delay specified
//Example Usage: 
default { 
  touch_start(integer num) 
    string anim = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, 0);
    osAvatarPlayAnimation(llDetectedKey(0), anim);
When using this function in an object that requires the user to sit on the object (like a chair,or a poseball), you will need to stop the sit animation by including the following snippet:
changed(integer change)
  if (change & CHANGED_LINK)
    key user = llAvatarOnSitTarget();
    osAvatarStopAnimation(user, "sit");
    osAvatarPlayAnimation(user, anim);        

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