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integer osApproxEquals(float a, float b)

integer osApproxEquals(vector va, vector vb)
integer osApproxEquals(rotation ra, rotation rb)
integer osApproxEquals(float a, float b, float margin)
integer osApproxEquals(vector va, vector vb, float margin)
integer osApproxEquals(rotation ra, rotation rb, float margin)

Returns 1 (true) if the quantities or all their components do not differ by the margin value, or 1e-6, if margin is not provided. Returns 0 (false) otherwise.
Threat Level None
Permissions Use of this function is always allowed by default
Delay 0 seconds
if(osApproxEquals(pos, otherpos)) // on Xengine use if(osApproxEquals(pos, otherpos) == 1)
    llOwnerSay("Positions are equal");
Implemented November 20, 2018
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