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Below will be a brief summary of various policies that are in place on this wiki:

Deletion Policy

Reasons for immediate deletion of articles are:

  • Vandalism
  • Spam
  • Vanity pages
  • A typo in the page name
  • Incorrect namespace

A Deletion warning will be placed on:

  • Articles that don't meet the wiki's standards
  • Articles that served a purpose for a brief time, but which hold no historical value. (Like descriptions for a workaround for a bug which is now fixed)
  • Articles that violate copyrights.

A deletion warning will typically have an expiry time of a minimum of one month. Deletion can be prevented by:

  • Altering the contents so that it takes away the reason for wanting the article deleted.
  • Providing valid arguments as to why the article should not be deleted (use the article's talk page for that!)
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