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In the client, if you enable "Client | Debug Permissions" you will see the object permissions on the "General" tab on edit object.

This is how they relate to the permission masks that can be set on a SceneObjectPart:


BaseMask (B)


OwnerMask (O)

Default: PermissionMask.All

GroupMask (G)

Default: PermissionMask.None;

EveryoneMask (E)

Default: PermissionMask.None;

NextOwnerMask (N)


ObjectFlags (F)

Default: LLObject.ObjectFlags.None (0)

BOGEN permissions are V : Move M : Modify C : Copy T : Transfer

The F flags are a bit different; they represent the 'actual' or 'calculated' permissions that are set for the object, basically, this are the 'real' permissions. Although they show as VMCT they come from a different bit field, with the bits in other positions.

The Server ORs the permission flags together, then OR the relevant permission flags into the corresponding ObjectFlags bits.

Apart from the permission flags, ObjectFlags also have flags like 'Physics', 'Phantom' and 'Touch'.

If 'Move' is off, and 'Modify' is on, the object is 'Locked'.

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