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A collection of ideas for additional functionality in OpenSim. Please add your thoughts - anyone may contribute.


3D grid structure

I have always wanted to see a grid where you could have regions not only to the north, south, east west of a region but also above and below. This would enable space above for orbiting space stations and the like and depth below for underwater worlds and tunnels. - Garth FairChang


See the list of OSL Proposals.

Payment System

OpenSim will need to support micropayment. See Money for details on how this could be achieved.

Upload of existing 3D models

OpenSim should support common standards for 3D modelling. This would allow the upload of existing 3D models and make OpenSim immediately attractive for architects and project developers and their customers (walk through models).

Free-form Avatars

OpenSim should, at some point in time, support the design and animation of free-form avatars (e.g. animals, monsters, robots).

In-World console maintenance

Terrain manipulations, statistics and some SIM administration related tasks are not available using the Viewer - they are only available on the command line application console where OpenSim is running. It would be nice to have this same console available in-world, using an Instant Messaging window with the simulator itself, the same way as we do with thoses old command line terminals.

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