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The Core of OpenSim is the Region.Environment project/dll. For each Region in a OpenSim process, a instance of Scene is created. So currently Scene is the main management class for the regions. When a client connects to a region, a call is made to Scene.AddNewClient(IClientAPI client, bool child).

IClientAPI , the interface that we use for Region to Client communications, has a number of events and methods in it. When a new client connects to a Region, various classes will subscribe to the events, so that they are notified of incoming packets from that client/viewer. The methods of IClientAPI are used to send packets back to the client/viewer.

[Please note that most of the more general region management functions will be moving to the RegionManager class soon. Leaving just the scene (3d world space) management to the Scene class.]

Opensim Region class.png

OpenSim_Expanded_Region_Diagram (Expanded Class diagram)

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