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Offline messaging makes it possible to send IM's to people that are not online and saves the messages directly to a database.

Through OpenSim.Wiredux as a module

In the latest version of OpenSim.Wiredux the offline module is already ready to be used

  • Grab the latest version of the Wiredux
  • Install the wi_offline_msg.sql file on your database

You need to enable the Offline Messaging Module in your Opensim.ini file.

Changes in the OpenSim.ini file

; Control which region module is used for instant messaging.
; Default is InstantMessageModule (this is the name of the core IM module as well as the setting)
InstantMessageModule = InstantMessageModule
; MessageTransferModule = MessageTransferModule
OfflineMessageModule = OfflineMessageModule
OfflineMessageURL = http://yourserver/offline.php
MuteListModule = MuteListModule
MuteListURL = http://yourserver/mute.php

When you did it right, reboot your region and try to send a message to an offline person. Check the database to see that it has written a record.

Next time that person logs in, he will get the message and the database will be updated

P.D: The MuteListModule and URL must be uncommented in order for the offline module to work, even if there is no mute.php file in the web folder.

SQL file to load


`uuid` varchar(36) NOT NULL,
`message` text NOT NULL,
 KEY `uuid` (`uuid`)


PHP for web server

<?php $dbName = "comunity"; $dbHost = "localhost"; $dbUser = "root"; $dbPassword ="";

define("C_DB_TYPE","mysql"); define("C_DB_HOST",$dbHost); define("C_DB_NAME",$dbName); define("C_DB_USER",$dbUser); define("C_DB_PASS",$dbPassword); define("C_OFFLINE_IM_TBL", "Offline_IM"); include("mysql.php"); $DbLink = new DB; $method = $_SERVER["PATH_INFO"]; if ($method == "/SaveMessage/") { $msg = $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA; $start = strpos($msg, "?>"); if ($start != -1) { $start+=2; $msg = substr($msg, $start); $parts = split("[<>]", $msg); $to_agent = $parts[12]; $DbLink->query("insert into ".C_OFFLINE_IM_TBL." (uuid, message) values ('" . mysql_escape_string($to_agent) . "', '" . mysql_escape_string($msg) . "')"); echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?><boolean>true</boolean>"; } else { echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?><boolean>false</boolean>"; } exit; } if ($method == "/RetrieveMessages/") { $parms = $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA; $parts = split("[<>]", $parms); $agent_id = $parts[6]; $DbLink->query("select message from ".C_OFFLINE_IM_TBL." where uuid='" . mysql_escape_string($agent_id) . "'"); echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?><ArrayOfGridInstantMessage xmlns:xsi=\"\" xmlns:xsd=\"\">"; while(list($message) = $DbLink->next_record()) { echo $message; } echo "</ArrayOfGridInstantMessage>"; $DbLink->query("delete from ".C_OFFLINE_IM_TBL." where uuid='" . mysql_escape_string($agent_id) . "'"); exit; } ?>

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