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OpenSimulator has weekly meetings to discuss parts of the project. These take place on Wright Plaza on OSGrid.



Meetings on Wright Plaza serve two purposes. One is the meeting described below. The second, and equally important is as a stress test so we can all see how our sim reliability is functioning at each meeting.

Additionally, others are welcome to use the conference room on Wright Plaza for any other meetings they wish. This conference room is setup for meetings and the more use of it, the more testing and development is enhanced.

The two html-on-a-prim on each side of the main screen are both controlled from the chat channel and can be used to present arbitrary web pages to enhance a meeting.

Tuesday - Office Hour

This meeting is a general technical meeting for the opensim community. All are welcome to participate, but be forewarned that it is developer focused, so attention is mostly given to near term development goals of the project, and those that are contributing code to meet those goals.

In general, we tend to follow a fairly simple agenda format for our one hour.

  • First, developers are encouraged to bring up any subjects they wish. Helping the developers focus our efforts is #1.
  • Second, testers and users are encouraged to bring up items of community interest that will help development.

At this meeting, anything previously mentioned is fair for discussion for the balance of the meeting. Lets try to keep it moving even at the expense of getting all questions answered as we have a limited time.

This meeting is scheduled for 1100 PST, 1400 EST, 1900 UTC, 2000 CET on Wright Plaza at OSGrid (


Older chat logs can be found on the Chat Logs page.

Saturday - Q&A Hour

This meeting is currently not occuring, if you would like to run this meeting please see visit our IRC channel #osgrid on
This is meeting tries to drive testing on OpenSimulator. All members of the opensim community are welcome to participate. Through your testing, we create a better project. Also the possibility to get answers of the questions you would have about setting up your own Grid or connect your region to the OSGrid. This meeting is less structured then "Office Hour" and is focused on the users and adopters rather then the developers.

  • First, any announcements by OSGrid admins.
  • Second, any information to share that helps other grids.
  • third, any user or tester subjects that anyone wishes to bring up.

This meeting always occurs at 19:00 UTC/GMT (see google calendar below) at Wright Plaza. After the one hour is finished, anyone is welcome to continue meeting for as long as they wish.


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