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How OSviewers handles: -Viewer blocks -Message Of The Day -Official team members and support groups -Grid Manager

When the OSviewer viewer launches it “reads” a couple files on our server which give it some instructions. These files can be seen below along with what instructions they provide the viewer and why. All of this is transparent and always has been. (NONE of the login information you input like username and password are sent to our server. This data is sent only to your grid and we NEVER read or store this information.)


Viewer Blocks

File : [1] This file lists viewer versions which we have implemented a block. When the viewer launches it checks this file to see if its version is on this list. If it is.. it will not login and will display to the user a reason we can edit as to why it is not allowed. This is how we implement viewer blocks and as you can see it is not a virus or Trojan or backdoor to the viewer.

It is important for us to have this capability because of the usage of the viewer. If there is enough users that it is easily possible we could release an update with a bug which could knock a grid offline, so we need to be able to block releases in a hurry. More recently however we are using it to block old out of date versions due to pressure from content creators who have customers buying merchandise but not seeing it correctly due to these customers being on old viewer versions. This capability is us being responsible.. period.

Message of the Day

File : [2]

Official team members and support groups

File : [3]

Grid Manager

File : [4]

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