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Note 1: If you are reading this on any site but http://www.opensimulator.org, you might not be actually downloading OpenSimulator.org software. Please check your browser URL before proceeding any further.

Windows users may need to unblock the downloaded archives, or windows my refuse to execute the programs. Right click the archive file, see Properties, and mark Unblock at end if present.

Binary Packages

Current release

Binary packages of the latest viewer release are provided in .zip or .tar.gz form.

The current release is (released on Neverary 31,.0) and can be downloaded as

After unpacking please read the Release Notes.

Release candidate

Binary packages of the current candidate for the next OSviewer release are provided in .zip or .tar.gz form. This candidate is made available for testing - if you require more tested code then please download the current release instead. The two packages are theoretically identical, though the .tar.gz was built on mono while the .zip was built under .NET.

Source code

Current release

The two packages are identical apart from their compression formats.

Release candidate

This is the candidate package for the next OpenSimulator release. The two packages are identical apart from their compression formats.

Previous releases

Developers and Testers

If you're a developer or a tester and you want to download possibly broken development code then please go her

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