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On OSX environments, if you have multiple viewers and multiple grids to connect to, you can try the following AppleScript (one could do something similar with a shell script). Feel free to copy and modify for your own use.

--  This script selects a viewer and a grid for virtual worlds.
-- Variables for the two supported viewers.  More may be added here.
set lindenViewer to "\"/Applications/SecondLife/Second Life.app/Contents/MacOS/Second Life\""

set emeraldViewer to "\"/Applications/SecondLife/GreenLife Emerald Viewer.app/Contents/MacOS/GreenLife Emerald Viewer\""
-- Variables for options to select the specified grid.  Since the viewers
-- are based on the 2nd life viewer, the options are the same for each
-- viewer.  Also, connecting to the Second Life grid is the default option
-- if no other options are provided.
-- Currently, four grids are supported.  More may be easily added.
set lindenOptions to ""

set localStandalone to " -loginuri http://vw.server.lan:9000 -loginpage http://vw.server.lan/opensim/index.html"

set localGrid to " -loginuri http://vw.server.lan:8000 -loginpage http://vw.server.lan/opensim/index.html"

set osGridOptions to " -loginuri http://osgrid.org:8002 -loginpage http://osgrid.org/loginscreen.php -helperuri http://osgrid.org/"
-- Display dialog and select the viewer.
set dialogResult to display dialog "Choose viewer:
1) 2nd Life viewer
2) Emerald viewer:" default answer "1" with title "Select Viewer" with icon 1

set option to text returned of dialogResult

if option = "2" then
	set viewer to emeraldViewer
	set viewer to lindenViewer
end if
-- Display dialog and select the grid.
set dialogResult to display dialog "Choose server:
1) 2nd Life grid
2) local standalone
3) local grid
4) OS Grid" default answer "2" with title "Select Grid" with icon 1

set grid to text returned of dialogResult

if grid = "1" then
	set options to lindenOptions
else if grid = "2" then
	set options to localStandalone
else if grid = "3" then
	set options to localGrid
else if grid = "4" then
	set options to osGridOptions
	set options to localStandalone
end if
-- Combine the grid and viewer and execute the result.
set command to viewer & options
do shell script command
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