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This script will put a region map on the containing prim, and will instantly teleport the user to the map location that they clicked on.

The code contains a lot of comments, explaining what does what, and why it is there.

// -----------------------
// ++++ TELEPORT MAP ++++
//     Version 1.1
// -----------------------
// Put a region map on a prim, and use that to teleport around.
// This teleport system is amazingly accurate.
// Do note that when a change is made to the region, the map on the 
// teleporter will only be updated when the rest of the world map is updated.
key map;                    // This is where the texture UUID will be stored.
integer timeout = 60;       // This many seconds for the map to refresh.
integer region_size;        // We need this to do a little math later.
integer face = 4;           // Which side of the prim the map should appear on.
    map = osGetMapTexture();                                                                       // Get the map texture
    llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS,[PRIM_TEXTURE, face, map, <1.0,1.0,0>, <0,0,0>, 0,      // Put the map texture on the chosen side of a prim
                          PRIM_COLOR,face,<1,1,1>,1,                                               // Set the color of the chosen side to white.
                          PRIM_FULLBRIGHT,face,1]);                                                // Set the chosen side to full bright.
        vector size = osGetRegionSize();    // Find out how large the region is.
        region_size = (integer)size.x;      // Because the length and the width of a region MUST be equal, we only need one of the floats from the vector.        
        refresh();                          // Refresh the map texture
        llSetTimerEvent(timeout);           // And now we make ure that the map texture gets updated every X seconds. (default 60)
    touch_start(integer numdet)
        if(llDetectedTouchFace(0) != face) return;      // If the prim is not touched on the chosen side, then do nothing.
        key toucher = llDetectedKey(0);                 // Get the UUID of the person that touched the map.
        vector target = llDetectedTouchUV(0);           // Find out where the map has been touched
            target.x = (region_size*target.x);          // Multiply the X-position of where the map was touched with the region size. This changes value of the vector
            target.y = (region_size*target.y);          // Multiply the Y-position of where the map was touched with the region size. This changes value of the vector
        osTeleportAgent(toucher, target, ZERO_VECTOR);  // Teleport the person who touched the prim to the corresponding coordinates in the region.
        refresh();      // Refresh the map when the timer runs out.
    on_rez(integer start_param)
        llResetScript();    // Reset the script when rezzed to ensure a fresh map on the prim.
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