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This script is intended to demonstrate the use of osGetNotecard* functions in OSSL. They can (and should) be used to eliminate the dataserver hell that LSL puts a scripter through.

string NoteCardName = "testcard";
integer n;
        string NoteCardContents = osGetNotecard(NoteCardName); //Read the notecard, and store its contents in a string
        llOwnerSay(NoteCardContents); // Read the string to the owner of the object
    touch_start(integer numdet)
        integer NumLines = osGetNumberOfNotecardLines(NoteCardName);  // Get the number of lines in the notecard
            string NoteCardLine = osGetNotecardLine(NoteCardName,n); // Read a single line from the notecard, and store it/
            llOwnerSay(NoteCardLine);   // Read the single line to the object's owner
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