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The second OpenSimulator Community Conference will take place over the weekend of November 8th/9th 2014
See the conference website for more details.


OSSL Script Library

Rules for posting:

  1. Your script must depend on at least one OSSL function, or on other OpenSim-specific functions.
  2. Test your script in-world, and make sure it works, so that other people can use it.
  3. No copies of scripts which already exist on this wiki, unless it exists in your own user page.
  4. Please, no short scripts, and definitely no one-liners!

How to add your script to the Library

(To be written. Will be in the form of a procedure, in good ITIL tradition.)

The Library

Script Name Posted by: Description
ModSendCommand Justincc Demonstrates the use of an in-world script to communicate with a specific OpenSim module.
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