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Function Explanation Examples
string osSetDynamicTextureURL(string dynamicID, string contentType, string url, string extraParams,int timer); Loads a webtexture on a prim example 1
double osTerrainGetHeight(int x, int y); Gets height of terrain
int osTerrainSetHeight(int x, int y); Sets height of terrain
int osRegionRestart(double seconds); Restarts the region
void osRegionNotice(string msg); Sends a notice to the region
System.Collections.Hashtable osParseJSON(string JSON); returns a hashtable containing the structured JSON contents (c# only) example 1
osMessageObject(key objectId, string message); sends a string to the object identified by objectId, the receiving object requires to implement the method dataserver( key queryid, string data ) in a contained script(s). The queryid passed will be the id of the calling object.
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